Advanced Training

The tip of the spear in SyncScience’s arsenal is its advanced training seminars based strictly on SyncScience’s Scientifically Grounded Research (SGR). Each course is designed in a 1-5 day format and tailored for the adult learner. SyncScience’s unique delivery method ensures each student has the best chance of retaining and employing techniques learned through one-on-one instructor to feedback sessions, in-house coaching assistance throughout the course, real-time roleplaying scenarios tailored specifically to the requestor’s mission set, and many more. Each course is designed with material directly produced from the Research Unit and based solely on scientific research vice individual personal experiences.

In combination with all training courses, SyncScience provides each student access to SyncScience’s R-360 application suite, which is proven to provide students with the best possible information retention application to date. R-360 is designed to be a quick and easy method for students to reference training received, receive On-Demand training modules/video examples, and collaborate with other like-minded professionals.


Lectures are anywhere from a few hours to an entire day. Each lecture is based on a specific block of instruction or overview and tailored to each clients.

1 Day Courses

  • Deception Detection
  • Interview Fundamentals

2-3 Day Courses

  • Strategic Interviewing
  • Leadership Communication Skills
  • Resistance
  • The Cognitive Interview

5 Day Course

  • Human Intelligence Operations Course (HIOC)

SyncScience Certification Exam

SyncScience’s goal is to achieve local, state, and federal training accreditation. Once achieved, SyncScience will provide certification opportunities for groups and agencies that will count towards internal organization mandatory training requirements.

Please contact us directly with your accreditation requirements if you and your organization are interested in pursuing this certification process.


SyncNow videos demonstrate and explain effective interviewing strategies and techniques, including how to elicit useful details, use evidence, detect deception, and deal with resistance. The methods are based on 21st century science and have been successfully deployed in law enforcement and intelligence interviewing and interrogation contexts. These videos are no ‘talking head’ lectures! They describe the tactics against creative and original backgrounds and include real-life examples when such are available. They can be accessed via any online device.

Please contact us for more information on our revolutionary technology solution!