About Us

Backed by scientific research, SyncScience’s mission is to deliver evidence-based methods of suspect, witness and victim interviews, debriefs, client vetting, and all source intelligence analysis via advanced training seminars and intuitive software applications.

These tools will enhance foundational skills, improve internal communications, and augment standard operating procedures. The company will continue to lead the nation in research and validation of science-based communication in national security and commercial industry settings.

Additionally, SyncScience will partner with agencies to develop outcomes regarding the usefulness of what is taught. Outcome data will be fed back into SyncScience’s  R&D materials to provide customers with real time metrics.

Law enforcement and intelligence agencies are challenged by lack of manpower, training, and time. As recent events demonstrate, they sometimes are faced with a public that assumes a hostile relationship with its own governmence. The SyncScience team recognizes these challenges and provides proven and cost effective solutions that also promote procedural justice.

Our Team

SyncScience’s founders and board of directors consists of expertise stretched across multiple intelligence and law enforcement agencies, as well as executive level expertise from the technology and education sector.

The training team’s lead instructors have all served with the high-value detainee interrogation group (HIG). as a result, they bring expertise in using and teaching science-based methods in intelligence and law enforcement operations.

SyncScience instructors and consultants value expertise acquired as a function of experience. However, expertise cannot be the sole basis for training in effective communication because what worked for one officer or agent may not work for another. And yet this is the current nature of training in law enforcement and intelligence: active or retired officers teach what worked for them.

SyncScience offers a different approach: instruction and consultation based on sound science that has been taken to the field and tested in real world settings – and found to be more effective in eliciting information than what is commonly trained and deployed.

  • Dr. Susan Brandon

    Director of Research

    Susan E. Brandon, Ph.D., served as Research Program Manager for the High-Value Detainee Interrogation Group (HIG) from early 2010 until December of 2017. The...

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  • Mike Deibler

    Director of Strategic Partnerships

    Michael L. Deibler is a career Intelligence Professional having served with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Federal Bureau of Investigations and various...

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Our Difference

Knowledge Retention



Experts On Demand

SyncScience has designed a state of the art software platform allowing students to continue learning after the classroom instruction ends. Students will have the ability to maintain their valuable new skills but also receive the latest training via on demand, delivered through a computer and mobile application. The online suite brings direct video examples, lectures, Q&A sessions with our Research Team, along with space to collaborate with partnering agencies on a topic; all on demand. This unique ability gives each student the opportunity to have intimate access to the experts they need, when they need them.

NOTE: Technology System in Development

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